A First For Corporates In South Africa

Obtain funding from an alternative yet affordable source and build goodwill while doing it.

Here is What Corporations Need To Know

Raising finance through RainFin creates competitive pricing and generates brand awareness and loyalty
An eligible corporate needs to have a good credit rating determined by a reputable credit rating agency or banking institution
An origination and annual facility agent fee for administration, marketing and management will be charged
Charges are negotiated on a loan-by-loan basis

Why Raise Funds The Alternative Way?
Access To A New Source Of Funding
Obtaining funding via RainFin provides access to alternative funding sources, including the South African population, institutional investors and other corporates
Affordable Finance
Attain competitive rates as multiple lenders compete for their loan share, thereby driving your interest rate down
Opportunity To Build Your Brand
Providing consumers with a chance to earn above-market returns builds corporate goodwill. Furthermore, lenders have an intrinsic affinity and loyalty towards your company and its performance when they lend to you
Flexible Loan Terms
Loans can be structured with fixed or floating interest rates, amortising or bullet repayment and terms of up to five years
Getting Started Is Quick, Safe And Simple

Connect with RainfFin

All corporate loans are individually negotiated between you and RainFin to ensure that loan terms suit your needs.

To originate your company’s loan efficiently an Arranging Bank may be used to assist us with some administration, legal and pricing processes.

The lenders compete to own portions of your loan

Your loan application in placed on the RainFin marketplace for a maximum of four weeks.

During this time lenders make offers to own portions of the loan.

Interest rates are driven down as a large number of lenders compete to buy a share of your loan. Both Dutch and reverse auction formats are available.

Get funded!

Once the loan application closes successfully, the loan will be concluded and the funds will be available for withdrawal.

Going forward, RainFin acts as the Facility Agent and is responsible for the collecting and disbursement of payments as well as communicating between you and the lenders.