How It Works
We are not a Bank, we do things differently.

We are a straightforward exchange platform that connects businesses who want to borrow with people or businesses who want to lend. By taking the 'bank' out of borrowing and lending, we're closing the gap between what you can earn as a lender and the rates you pay as a borrower.

Although we use similiar processes to score borrowers and we have bank level security, RainFin is not a bank. RainFin has created a safe, quick and transparent environment in which borrowers and lenders can interact. Our unique community works together to ensure both sides see a positive return on their financial needs.
We do things differently
The Old Way
  • Have to use bank or credit provider
  • Many borrowers
  • Lack of transparency
  • High margins
Our Way
  • Borrowers have access to multiple lenders
  • Lenders have access to many borrowers who
    underwent a very strict vetting process
  • RainFin is online and accessible 24/7
  • It's fast, secure, transparent and fair
  • Minimal fees due to low overheads
  • Pay off your loan anytime without penalty
  • A dedicated call centre with real people
Marketplace Lending On RainFin
Sign up and creates a loan

Get notified once a lender has made an offer

Access their money once 40% of their loans have been funded.

Start paying their loans back the following month.

Borrowers pay their loans back on time, save money and build a good credit score.

Creates an account and deposits money into their Rainfin account

Browse the applications available and make an offer on the best ones

Get notified that the borrower has been approved

Start receiving payments with interest 30 days later

Lenders make a good return and look for the next loan to make an offer on.