The Smartest Way To Grow Your Money

RainFin is an online marketplace for businesses to borrow money from lenders seeking good returns.

Things Most Lenders Want To Know

High earnings with monthly returns
Low fees
Full control over your portfolio
Regulated and bank level security
In-depth credit profile checks on borrowers

Things Most Lenders Want To Know

Maximum Return With
The Lowest Risk
Diversify loans according to your risk versus return preferences.
Spread your risk by making small loans to a large number of borrowers rather then making larger loans to a small number of borrowers.
Protecting My Money
All borrowers undergo a credit check and credit profile evaluation before loans may be offered to them.
Personal And Financial
At RainFin we value your personal and financial information. We utilize secure technology to ensure that your personal information is safe and your identity id protected.
Late Payments
By Borrowers
RainFin does collections and recoveries on behalf of the lender when borrowers default on their loans.
Your Steps To Maximize Your Returns

Create your Profile and verify yourself

  • Complete our quick registration process.
  • RainFin requires you to submit your KYC (Know Your Customer) documentation to authenticate yourself.
View Full KYC Requirements List

Find loans matching your requirements on our primary or secondary marketplace

  • Go to our marketplace and search for a loan matching your requirements.
  • Search on RainFin's secondary market for loans that are for sale.
  • For great returns look at our corporate loans that are on offer.

Make your offer, transfer the funds and start earning.

  • Top up your account.
  • Make an offer.
  • RainFin will notify you on the outcome of the loan.

Track your performance and look for the next big deal

  • Monitor the performance of your loans on your My RainFin dashboard.
  • You can also sell your loans on a secondary marketplace.
Start Lending Now